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7th International Bone Diagenesis Meeting

Conference outline

Fossil bones and teeth record important information about the life history of the individual as well as climate and habitat. While bone histology is often preserved and is increasingly used in vertebrate palaeontology, the geochemical signals recorded during mineralization may be altered or even reset during fossilization, potentially leading to false interpretation.

Since 1988, the purpose of the Bone Diagenesis meetings is to bring together scientists from different disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, palaeontology, palaeobiology, geochemistry, radiometric dating, mineralogy, genetics, forensics, taphonomy, etc. working on ancient bones and teeth as archives to reconstruct the behaviour and life history of vertebrates as well as their environment and taphonomy. Basic and applied aspects of bone diagenesis are covered spanning a wide temporal range, from the Paleozoic to modern times.

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List of the thematic sessions:

 1.Timing and quantification of diagenetic processes
 2.Organic molecules
 4.Bone diagenesis at the nanoscale
 5.Diagenesis in the lab: experimental approaches
 6.Advance in sample preparation & analytical techniques